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Erica & Kris

March 20, 2021

Hailey, ID

We have postponed our wedding once due to COVID-19 and we have decided we do not want to postpone it again, especially at our age. So, we will have a small ceremony with family members the first day of Spring. It makes us sad we cannot celebrate with everyone we love, but rest assured, when we can all gather again safely there will be a proper celebration!

Since, we have been living together for almost three years our household needs are complete. In October 2021, we are headed to Thailand for our honeymoon, this is also bucket list trip for us. In lieu of gifts, f you would like to donate to our Honeymoon Fund you can do so here:

Our ceremony will be at 2:30 pm MST March 20th. We are asking you to please take pictures or videos  of yourselves planing the seeds we sent in our announcement.

 Please email those pictures to me at or

Then we will post them on this site for all of us to look at together.

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